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LMU college essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

LMU college - Essay ExampleAs a young person, I have a social living to lead, man at the same cartridge clip I have my career goals to arrive at. It is obvious that at this point, many people tend to suffer the effects of comrade pressure from their fellow age mates, thus losing the focus of their career goals. However, for psycho-social development, it is imperative that a person at my age is subjected to a proper relationship with his peers to achieve a proper psycho-social development. This is a challenging situation for most youths and it requires application of critical thinking.Taking both scenarios in to consideration, I applied critical thinking, while using my intelligence integrated with character. To begin with, when I was making my daily time-table inventory, I began by giving the most imperative issues in life the highest antecedency The most important issue in my life is my education at this time this is followed by my psycho-social development, which basically i nvolves croaking time with relatives and friends. Therefore, on my daily schedule time table, I ensured that all issues ascribed to my academic work are given the first priority and adequate time. This was then followed by the time I spend with relatives and friends consecutively. Other miscellaneous activities such as watching movies, physical fitness sessions were given the last priority on my time-table however adequate time was allocated for these activities.In gild to be successful in formulating personal operational plans, one has to apply intelligence, while also taking into consideration his character In my case, I applied my intelligence in creating a time-table and allocating adequate time for each daily activity. However, a great sense of care was taken in order to ensure that none of the activities collided with each other.My intelligence also played a crucial is evaluating what seems to be important in my life at this particular time and what

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Not enough though has been given in any European code to the way Essay

Not enough though has been given in any European code to the way contracts might or should be class Do you agree - Essay ExampleMain land Europe is looking to pee a common civil legal manakin which impart be developed in a number of steps. This common legal model is currently being heralded as the European Civil law and would require coordinated efforts over a number of decades for effective implementation3. The first step has been termed as the PECL4 and is aimed at unifying the contract law prevalent throughout Europe. Success of the PECL and its precedents will determine if it is possible at this stage to develop a common legal framework for the European continent. This could have even wider implications for the ball-shaped harmonisation attempt given that the obstacles encountered in PECL would be encountered similarly elsewhere too. Importance of the PECL is enhanced by the fact that the European community is looking to create the Common Frame of Reference establish on t he learning from the PECL5. At this point in time the PECL is not an instrument that has been recognised by governments almost Europe. Instead the PECL is more or less a document drafted by academics to serve as a standard reference when hard-core moves to harmonisation be attempted. The PECL is a broad attempt to create a set of general rules which are flexible enough to accommodate future developments and to provide a framework for contract law6. Here due consideration must be provided to the fact that contract law is the first thing that is being attempted in legal injury of a common legal framework for a number of reasons. Contract law is highly important when it comes to cross border trade. The significant differences between field contract laws make trade beyond borders costly, time consuming and often legally complex. Furthermore, a number of companies are dissuaded from work in neighbouring nations because of complex trading instruments and their legal ramifications. Th is in turn promotes domestic trade at the expense of transnational trade which is not beneficial for the commercial interests of the European Union. Europe is currently looking to develop something close to the Lex Mercatoria so that trading and commercial transactions of all kinds are simple all across Europe7. In order to hasten trading all over Europe with the same legal principles it was necessary to create a common legal framework. The PECL is the resulting legal framework which has emerged from these efforts. In improver there is another reason behind the PECLs importance. As mentioned before, the PECL will serve as the basis for the future of the Common Frame of Reference so this enhances the important of the PECL even more. Here it must also be mentioned that the success of the PECL and the Common Frame of Reference are critical to the future of harmonisation attempts in Europe. Hence, careful consideration is mandatory in order to provide a framework that is successful an d tends to provide solutions that are holistic. Any such framework would essential to be carefully thought out. As mentioned before, there is no question of implementation as yet because these harmonised frameworks are merely guidance based as yet and are not strictly enforceable as yet. Drafting a standard set of principles for guidance over the domain of contracts whitethorn not be as simple or straightforward as it may seem. Perhaps the greatest obstacle to creating a common contractual framework is coming to

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Strategic management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

Strategic management - Essay ExampleIt is currently the largest umber house globally with its current size red-blooded a customer base of more than 40 million weekly. It operates 16,635 stores in 50 countries whereby 11,068 are located in the United States. The company operated 9,031 stores and 4,776 licensed stores as of 2011 fiscal year. The company has three operational segments namely the Global Consumer Products Group (CPG), United States (US) and International (Quelch, 2006). Its product lines include beverages such as coffee, soda, juices and Tazo tea, pastries, whole coffee beans and merchandise such as CDs and mugs. Its three largest overseas markets are Japan (more than 180 stores), England (more than 370 stores) and 120 stores in both China and Taiwan. Starbucks is currently the fastest suppuration food chain. It is planning to boost earnings by 20% to 25% in the preceding five years and increase its global storefronts to 40,000. The company bring home the bacon a 14% i ncrease in revenue to $13.3 billion in the fiscal year 2012. The company is optimistic that the revenues will further grow in the fiscal year 2013 at a range of 10% to 13% following the growth in store sales, new store openings and advancement in channel development business. The US segment includes both company-oriented and licensed stores. The US segment sells coffee and separate beverages, whole bean coffee, complementary food and other selected merchandise through stores. Its financial management goals are conservative in that the existing stores pay for the new store installations. To ensure customer satisfaction, Starbucks focuses on repute chain development, market development and penetration, horizontal integration and concentric and conglomerate diversification. This paper is a strategic analysis of Starbucks Coffee Company with focus on its United States business segment. Market Environment Analysis for Starbucks Coffee Company PESTEL Analysis The PESTEL analysis contain s five factors (political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) that affect the external business surroundings of the company (Appendix 2). The three most crucial factors affecting the US business segment of the company are political, economic and technological. Political/ well-grounded The political/legal environment of Starbucks is of high significance because the company imports all their coffee beans international laws must apply. The high taxation rates in coffee producing countries makes the company ascension the prices of their commodities. This implies that any fluctuations in the taxation rules will be passed to the consumer. Increased prices affect the consumption rates of customers. Trade issues will predominantly affect Starbucks when importing or exporting goods. According to Dlabay, Burrow and Kleindl, (2011), imposition of tariffs leads to losses as well as large income transfers that can become inconsistent with equity. The local elections may as well have negative effects on the business due to the change in administration that may alter the business laws. Economic Increase in the international or local interest rates tampers

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Earnings Management In Corporate Entities Dissertation

Earnings Management In Corporate Entities - Dissertation ExampleIt would enable the seeker to apply important ideas and concepts in result a real-life problem and this would inevitably add up to the knowledge base of the topic and subject of earnings management.The research would build on important ideas and research that was carried out on the topic in the past. It would enable the research to undertake a fresh inquiry into the matter of earnings management and get stark naked perspectives and ideas into the topic.Finally, the research is in partial fulfillment of the researchers Masters Degree. This is a mandatory element and structure for the completion of the Masters Degree program. It is, therefore, being turned in to examine the mandatory requirements of the course.Literature Review This piece would undertake a basic inquiry into the fundamental concepts that are going to be discussed and analyzed in the actual research. The section would look at the important variables an d elements and what they mean prior to the commencement of the study and the definition of the methodology to be used.Definition of Earning Management Earning management occurs when managers use judgment in financial reporting and in structuring transactions to alter financial reports either to mislead some stakeholders about underlying economic performance of the company or to influence contractual outcomes that are based on reported accounting numbers (Ronen and Yaari, 2011 p26).Basically, a company has targets and that it needs to meet.

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History of the European Theatre Art Research Paper

History of the European Theatre Art - Research Paper ExampleThe history of the development of theatre performances in Europe can be traced back alongside the classical history, which began around 700 B.C. The Greece had numerous feasts in honour of their gods such as Dionysus in whose honour the festival of the city Dionysia was performed. People involved themselves in revelry during these times while the festivities of the whole occasion were always led by drunkards who would hide their identities by wearing goatskins as they performed. These ceremonies were usually flowered with fierce competitions from the different Greek communities in attendance and the winning communities would always enjoy the honour of being crown the winners of the festivals. Most plays that were presented during this time in Greek were majorly tragic- comedies that were based on love and romance as viewed in the context of the people of that time, the term tragedy originated from the Greek name for goat skin that were worn during these performances. Collin notes that most of theses plays owed their main thematic origins from the Greek mythologies and the histories about the human personal life and expressed mans quest to relate the meaning of life and the nature of their gods. Their performances followed a specific format whereby they were usually accompanied by songs introducing a period of paradox, the time during which the characters were introduced, the peevishness for the plays set in the minds of the viewers and the expositions made concerning the nature of the plays. Some of the very common plays that were performed during this time in the Greek theatres include Sophocles and Euripedes that were common in the twenty percent century performances. A Writer such as Aeschylus, a performer at shows in Dionysia at around 499 B.C., was among the first writers of this kind and whose literature are among the oldest in the Greek history of theatre arts. Others include Sophocles with his famous works such as Antigone Electra and the Oedipus Rex. Aeschylus (525- 456 B.C) and Sophocles (496- 406 B.C) added major contributions into the Greek theatre by introducing the here and now and the third actors to the stage respectively. Moreover, they led to the improvement of the quality of the songs and increasing the number of singers on stage thus giving theatre performances a more true-to-life(prenominal) dimension and giving the viewers what they liked most (Brockett 2003). The new dimension had more impact on the viewers as

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Personal Reflections - Chapter 7 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal Reflections - Chapter 7 - Assignment ExampleThis also cr wash upes a clear icon on the culture of people and how they inter-relate to each other creating a good social relationship. In my field study I decided to take a keen look at the interactions of the people at the working field depending on their bases. The age group of people also varies from one person to another(prenominal) because people with the similar age group are always seen to be together. This depends on the age sets of the people in the field of working. Young people at the age of 18 to 20 years are always together working while communicating at the same tone of information. They always parting the same information and chat mostly about current the current world while having high expectations.Others communicate according to the ethnic group. People with the same ethnicity are always together communicating their native language and they normally get along very well. They even have same pagan characters and they eat a common meal. As I interacted with this group, I realised that most of them love their culture and they like remembering the norms. They also favor themselves according to their ethnical culture. It is easy for them to book for each other their favorites meals and they normally show each other very well. The gender group is another group of the workers who come together to socialize and interact freely. For the men, they always share taught that are muscular and they have a limit to their communication. They are really eager to understand the feminine and they educate each other accordingly. For the female group they communicate a lot while having no limit. They share their secrets and they expose themselves when they are together. As I interacted with them I noticed that most of them like to communicate while comparing to each others life experience. They are also carried apart easily and they copy

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Answer the question below Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Answer the question below - Essay ExampleHe rejects materialistic explanation of the mind. His get has a negative relationship to the theories of evolution as the philosophers believed the spirit as evolving from epiphenomenon or powers of living matter.Science fails to bring out dignity as it uses thoughtfulness to designate and quantify the numerous manifestations of life at a particular time. It is impossible to the spirit (Fiorenza, Francis, and John 55-75). Through reflection, we can analyze the mind. It is through theological system that we can explain Gods creation.The Catholic Church endorse the biblical hermeneutic that life is godly and conveyed by Jesus Christ. They approve the gospel as beingness true in trying to explain the origin of life (Fiorenza, Francis and John 95-105). They validate the bible as having satisfactory message in life as it regards life as having a revelation. However, they are not fast in condemning science unless it has a repercussion on salvati on or