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Maya cultural exploration exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Maya cultural exploration exercise - Essay ExampleIt is oneness of the well-nigh antediluvian patriarch civilizations in the area. The Maya civilization lasted over 3000 years. Maya multitude lived in the Yucatan peninsula. The guide informed that the Maya lived in one of the most densely populated areas. Culturally speaking, Maya were some of the most culturally diverse people in the area. The Maya culture had spectacular art and state of the art architecture. They are also said to have had go on systems of astronomy which were well advanced beyond the other civilizations of the clock.The guide informed me that some of the Mayan architecture console survives to date. The pyramids at Coba and Chichen Itza are some of the remaining pieces of architecture from the Maya civilization. To date the pyramids are preserved as a heritage site. From the guide, I realized that the Maya have a calendar that is contrasting from the one commonly employ in modern times. The Mayan calendar is one of the most complete calendars of the time. It is one of the best understood calendars of ancient times.The Maya empire was in its peak in the 6th century AD. At this point in time it was very powerful and very influential in the region. The people depended mainly on agriculture which they were very good at.Other economic activities among the Maya included pottery and hieroglyphics writing. The tour guide explained to me that the Mayan scripture is said to be the only fully written language in the Americas at the time. Along with the writing they also had ravishing art which is considered to be among the most beautiful arts of the time. The Maya are known to be among the first people to make use of the four compass directions. They denoted the four directions with different colors.My guide informed me that the Maya had thirteen different gods. They believed that some gods ruled the heavens while some others ruled the underworld. They had a god for several innate elements. For instance there was the god of stars,

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Homelessness in the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Homelessness in the United States - Essay ExampleIn supplement to this, the opinions about the purloin salary of both the employer and employee do not coincide. Thus, young people be looking or a job but they cannot get through it. As a result it pushes them to work illegally, to commit a crime or to take drugs and at the end it results in poverty or housing problems. The principal(prenominal) task of the government should be the creation of working places for young people in order to impart new ideas to our economy. Another one problem is that the world is facing a drug crisis. There are more young people becomes addicted today than ever before. There are three main(prenominal) types of drugs hard, loopy and legal. They can all cause addiction, serious illness and even death. Hard drugs include heroin, cocaine, LSD. To soft drugs we relate marijuana, solvents, ecstasy. Tobacco, alcohol and certain tranquilizers are in the group of legal drugs (Drugs.ie). Thousands of drug-add icts die every year. some(a) die from drugs themselves, while others die from AIDS. Nevertheless, those people are dangerous because they may infect others. In addition to this a problem of homelessness appeared. Such category of people includes those who cannot afford to pay a house rent, those who give up no personal identification documents and so forth. In this occasion such people come to the highroad in search of free accommodation. Usually people may be frightened of them without understanding the telescope and as a result they will not help them. Moreover, the problem of criminality exists.

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Internet Literacy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Internet Literacy - Assignment ExampleThere are various forms of plagiarism in academia. For instance, submitting somebody elses work as original work is a form of plagiarism. other aspect of plagiarism is using quotations and not citing the source (Espinel, 2011).This integrity tries to encourage creation of culture and art through rewarding artists and authors with a set of rights. The law grants artists and authors the exclusive right to create and sell their works. referable to petitions filed by many authors 1783, the law was passed to give them protection against infringement of their literary property.In many countries, the law basically protects the original works of authorship. The works are fixed in a tangible medium. The media includes artistic, musical, melodramatic and other types of intellectual works. The law include musical, architectural, sound recording, pictorial and literary works (Espinel, 2011).During the Constitutional traffic pattern held in 1787, Charl es Pinckney of South Carolina and James Madison of Virginia submitted proposals for the granting of copy right for limited time. The proposals made by the two are the origin of the Copyright Clause found in the U.S Constitution (Espinel, 2011).A trademark is a word, symbol, design, name, or a combination of all. They are employ in commerce in distinguishing goods of different manufacturers or sellers. They also indicate the sources of the goods. In history, blacksmiths who made swords in the Roman Empire are the ones who first used the trademarks. Today, different countries have passed laws to govern trademark. The laws require the registration of the

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Contingency leadership theories and contemporary leadership Essay

Contingency leading theories and contemporary leadership - Essay ExampleThis research will grow with the statement that the general definition of contingency theories is that it is a class of behavioral system. More so, contingency theory is a process of trying to identify and measure the conditions under which things or circumstances are promising to occur. These behavioral theories claim that there is no perfect way of organizing a corporation and the organizational twist of the comp whatever. An organizational or leadership style that is effective in some situations may differ from another(prenominal) organizations. This is so because organizations are different in structure and size. Therefore, the best way of having an organized organization is contingently depending on the external and internal situation of the company. This is the discipline because external environments have numerous impacts on an organization in numerous ways. Critical external factors include the siz e of the organization, availability, labor markets, cost of capital, competitors, strategies, governmental laws and policies, managerial assumptions approximately employees, technologies used, and other diverse situations. Traditional leadership theories elaborated on leadership as nature borne of case-by-case and established on the im possible action to create such attributes on a grown individual as illuminated by the great man theory, whilst a contrasting theory of the behavioral implicates on the possibility of an individual to be a leader as shown through traits.... Commonly, the contingency, transformational, and transactional approaches derive the best results whenever forecasting on the capabilities of an individual (CDR Associates, 20077). However, changes in leadership are continuously emerging because of the dynamics in the environment and attainment of skill. Authenticity, building of trust and relationships are the modern approaches to effective organizational leader ship. The cognitive perspective approach assigns that colleagues posses shared beliefs about a leaders behaviors and beliefs about their leaders behaviors and traits (Gilbert, 2003443). This influences how the followers encode information about their leaders by targeting the quality of ideas, quantity of speech and leaders ability to move over up for friendliness. This means that the leaders behavior influences his followers behaviors who perceive the reflection that leadership offers. Therefore, a leader should have the capability of building up healthy and ethical relationships that would interconnect the force-out to a single group targeting to deliver performances to enhance organizational performances (Gill, 201050). The leader should remain emphatic to employees and annul biases that would divide the employees. In order to ensure that the company performs obligations to the fullest, the leader should bear motivational characteristics and avoid any act that would seem to in duce pressure on the personnel (Collins & ORourke, 200916). Though scholars had their own perspective of leadership, the undersurface line of each of them was that every organization despite the size should have an efficient and outstanding leader. This is the case because efficient managerial leadership influences

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Curriculum Map and Assessment Strategies Research Paper

Curriculum Map and Assessment Strategies - Research Paper ExampleWith this in mind I undertake the t expect of handling the following activities. 1. Analyzing at least five significant characteristics (or needs) of gamy drill students in my current educational setting. High school student has so numerous unmet needs because they be in their final transition into adulthood. In this stage, they begin a journey to separate with their parents as they search and define their in forecastence. For this reason, they have numerous developmental needs. At this juncture, the students are in the stage of making decisions they ask whom they are, what are they best at, and what they will do after completing school. This means that they are evaluating their abilities, skills, and strengths among others. They face a lot of challenges especially from their peers. The students are constantly finding a place to belong and hence they depend on their peers to feel accepted and for affirmation. Addit ionally, they face intense pressure regarding risk behaviors and mutual relationship. As a result, they need to be guided in order to make concrete and compounded decisions. Therefore, they should be counseled on how to deal with academic pressures, how to make post-secondary decisions, overcoming college admissions challenges, how to undergo scholarship and the process of financial aid application and how to undertake a job in the competitive world. 2. Proposed course with at least three courses or concentrations for high school students as well providing a rationale for each course. maths curriculum and its Rationale Mathematics is a subject which helps in creating many opportunities and it enriches lives. This is because mathematics provides students with numerical skills such as familiarizing with poesy and Algebra, geometry and measurement, probability and statistics among others. Additionally, it increases numeracy cognition as an essential need for students in their work, civic and personal life. It withal increases the students mathematical reasoning which is a vital necessity in the technological world. The mathematical curriculum focuses on ontogeny mathematical understanding, logical reasoning, fluency, and methodical thought as well as problem-solving skills. These skills help the students cope with many situations in life as they employ mathematical strategies for making informed decisions and in solving problems. Additionally, the curriculum ensures that the student knows how to use mathematical models in other disciplines. English Curriculum and rationale English is inherent in learning and development of all students. This is because it helps in creating good communicators, informed citizens, and imaginative thinkers. By analyze English students learn the skills of analyzing, understanding, communicating, and building relationships. English studies also act as the basis for developing skills and knowledge essential for, training, use in the workplace, and education among others. It also gives students courage to express themselves openly and fluently in public. English curriculum is a contributor for national and international building. In the curriculum students are helped to go imaginatively and critically with literature. This helps in expanding the scope of their experience. The students are also taught how to speak, pronounce and communicate fluently. They are also taught how to dialogue and debate with people whom they encounter in

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Dyslexia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5750 words

Dyslexia - Essay ExampleTo acquire this acknowledgeledge, I reviewed literature from the internet and various journals and disposed(p) this article.Dyslexia, also known as developmental reading disorder is the most common childhood information dis tycoon which primarily manifests in school going children. There is no single definition that exists for dyslexia. However, those who know about the condition and have worked with dyslexic children are in a position to easily position the condition. According to the NINDS (2009), dyslexia is defined as a flair-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs a persons ability to read. The World Federation of Neurology (cited in British Dyslexics, 2009) defines this condition as a disorder manifested by difficulties in learning to read, condescension conventional instruction, adequate intelligence and socio-cultural opportunity. The British Dyslexics (2009) puts the definition as Intelligent, radiant or even off gifted indi viduals, that for no obvious reason, struggle to learn through the medium of create verbally or spoken language. Other commonly used definitions include learning difficulty characterized by problems with indite or spoken language such as reading, writing, spelling, speaking, or listening and congenital disturbance of brain function causing a variety of learning difficulties, especially relating to reading, writing and spelling (British Dyslexics, 2009).It is surprising that despite immense research in dyslexia and information available about the condition every where, many teachers and even parents dont accept that a condition called dyslexia can exist. Some teachers also falsely blame dyslexic children as lazy without understanding that the child actually has a problem and needs help. All dyslexic children per centum some common aspects enabling them to be easily diagnosed. The increased awareness of dyslexia has led to many

Accounts Receivable Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Accounts Receivable - Research Paper ExampleIf much(prenominal) settlement is make between the company and its customers, the amount owed to the company by the customer is shown in a separate aim known as floor receivable. This notes help in establishing long-term relationships between a customer and a company. However, account receivable is usually opened in the case of the customers only whose credit risk is to a higher place a certain criteria and whose past history with the company is good.The account receivables ar also opened in a case where sale is made or service is provided, the invoice has been raised against the customer unless the amount has not yet been received as the money is in the course of transit. This may be the case where the money is in transit, that is, in transit if sent through a banking channel or in transit in the route of courier. The sale and revenue is recorded as soon as the invoice is raised against a certain transaction. The invoice is sent to the customer who, after receiving the invoice, sends money to the company. rase if no settlement in respect of deferring the recompense has been made between the company and the customer, some judgment of conviction may lapse between the course of the procedure. During this period, the company opens an account against the customer known as account receivable in which the amount owed by the customer is shown.Accounts receivables are shown in the Balance Sheet as a separate head of account in the current assets. The movements in account receivable are made through the payments received and the sales made or the services provided in respect of which payment has not been yet received. The balance is shown in the balance sheet. It may also happen that some of the account receivables are gone bad in the period, such as the customer has gone into liquidation. In such a case, the money owed by the customer or a portion thereof will be written off by charging an expense in the profit and loss account as a

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The City Hall of Los Angeles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The City Hall of Los Angeles - Essay causaThe pride of the nation is clearly manifested by the fact that the top of City Halls tower was designed to check the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the cardinal Wonders of the Ancient World.The City Hall of Los Angeles is another make that represents the pride of a powerful nation in the 21st century just as El Escorial stood as a sign of a great nation in the 16th century. These two structures served their purpose of showing to the human race what the country they represent was capable of doing in terms of arts, engineering, and science and technology.There are several aspects where we clear equate this two architectural figures against each other. We can examine as to their purpose and usability, the motive of its conceptualization, the tone-beginning and styles the structures were developed, and their respective contri exclusivelyions to the history of architecture and structural engineering. This essay digs down into the essenc e of these facts and would try to apologise them.There maybe other landmarks in the United States and the world greater than the City Hall just once in recent history it brought pride to the nation because of its structural magnificence and proportion. Besides, this structure besides represents the advance of a nation in terms or economy, culture, and science and technology. ... The building of such broad structure serves to remind the nation of its capabilities.Speaking of the structure as a show of economic might, the LA City Hall is built in a highly progressive city within an economically superior state which is part of a super powerful nation. It represented the government being the establish of its management and operation. It was built from materials obtained from different parts of LA which clearly show that its creation is a pooling of everyones pride.The building stood in a place where nature is so unfriendly LA being in a fault and a seismic hazard. Yet it rose to th e top undaunted by this geologic challenge. The chance could only be best when the sophistication of modern architecture combined with science and technology warrants more than that fifty percent of survival. It indeed survived the challenge, proof to that is it still exists today. As further evidence to the technological advancement of its structural systems, the seismic retrofit at Los Angeles City Hall was selected as a winner in Buildings magazines 2003 Modernization Awards among other awards and citations.One important culture of the people that pushed for the building of LA structure is find taking attitude. Taking the challenge in a rational way and making use of inventive thinking and harnessing available resources and good minds makes nothing impossible. For the creative developers some things are just difficult but never impossible. Added into its pride was designing the top of City Halls tower to resemble the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.Today with continuous upgrading and reinforcing the LA City Hall survived the challenges of times. Newer structures around the

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The Elusive American Dream Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Elusive American Dream - Essay ExampleAlthough analysts deemed this play as irrelevant in the attainment of racial equality since it was released before the Civil Rights Movement, A Raisin in the sunlight is a magnificent criticism of Americas social relations.Hansberry gives the audience a realistic picture of the Youngers p all overty. The Youngers apartment is dirty due to relentless cleaning efforts over the years. The Youngers have to spray the apartment weekly in order to keep roaches away. The constant dusting and vacuuming have worn out the furniture and carpet. Hansberry writes that weariness has, in fact, won in this room. Mama and commiseration are frustrated with the smallness of the apartment and the overcrowding. They want to use the insurance policy money to secure a new home, which has been the familys dream for many years (Hansberry, 36). Due to overcrowding, two families have to appropriate a small hind end. Hansberry ensures that the audience does not for get these family problems by showing Travis, Walter and Beneatha eagerly waiting for the bathroom to be free while holding conversations.The pressures and defeats of life take the toll on Ruth. Her face is just of disappointments and frustrations. She states time freedom used to be life-now its money. Ruth must keep the family together as intumesce as work as a domestic servant to foot the bills and provide family necessities. She performs household chores such as preparing breakfast for her son and husband. Her frustrations alienate her from the world events and pipe dreams. She rejects Walters liquor store enthronization plan out-of-hand (Hansberry 44). Ruth shows her frustrations by exploding and telling her husband Eat your eggs. Ruth responds by telling Walter her frustration about his lack of new ideas. She says you say nothing new.Ruth epitomizes the American work situation and ethics. She seems low-key by the redundancy and lack of progression of life.

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Principles Of Marketing Management Chocolate in the UK Essay

Principles Of Marketing Management Chocolate in the UK - Essay manikinThorntons website is a strong source of sales and allows customers to pick and chose chocolates. Thorntors also promotes its new products readily. Unique season found product packages such as wedding favours are also highly demanded. The company provides chocolates of miscellaneous ranges including Belgian, Winter, Viennese,etc. Chocolates of various types such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, etc., are also available for customersThis research authorship seeks to analyze the current market standing of the company via a comprehensive swot analysis. The findings of this analysis shall be pulmonary tuberculosisd to frame the marketing and positioning strategies of the company. Thorntors chocolate has been in the UK market for everywhere 100 old age and possesses a turnover of 210 million pounds in the year 2008. Along with general retail outlets, Thorntons also sells its products done the in ternet, mail order and by using other commercial services. Analyzing Thontorns in depth-Thorntors poses a contend test to any marketer. The company boasts of its legacy, however, it faces increasing competition from newer entrants that threaten to torment its reign as a top chocolate company.A swot analysis of the company shall tending understand aspects that it can desire on and things it needs to work on to cement its position as the top chocolate company.... 6) bonus brand positioning. Weaknesses 1)Retail Outlets failure to meet targets. 2)No customized products at retail stores. 3)History of problems with hand finished chocolates. 4)Weak performance by make Stores channel. Opportunities 1)Export market potential. 2)Product Innovation to counter economic downturn. 3)Discovery of new ranges such as biscuit desserts can help enhance brand equity. Threats 1)Fluctuating raw material and dairy prices. 2)Rising inflation and affordability issues. 3)Economic downturn and customers changing preferences. 4)Failure to address retail sales issue before competitors can gain advantage. Target Market and desire new opportunities- Thorntons is a premium brand of chocolate that has established considerable brand equity over the 99 years of its existence. While the company welcomes and appreciates every walk in customer, there are particular people it targets with each of its innovative products. Kingston Upon Hull is the market that Thorntons seeks to capure this Christmas. The city is located in the eastward Riding of Yorkshire and has a population of most a quarter of a million people. Hull is family to around 97% local residents while a small minority group of within universal gravitational constant people reside in the entire city. The city boasts a high percentage of people who use personal transport over public transport and the economic conditions of the people are relatively good. thither is however, a 6.2% unemployment rate which acts as a threat to po tential market. Hull is also home to several(prenominal) types of restaurants, including Chinese, English, French, Italian etc (Hull and East Reading, 2011).The city acts as a busy port and economy is built around trading and seafaring. Considering the companys premium positioning, it will

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Research Designs and Methods Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Research Designs and Methods - Term news report ExampleIf we were to not use scientific research, we would defend to rely on intuition, sham and whims. All through with(predicate) history, one can see examples of how important decisions can go wrong because the decision ecclesiastic relied on these. Intuition is lots influenced by a few events that are not representative of the norm. The decision maker whitethorn not even realize how much weight a particular incident may be given simply because it has had an emotional impact on them and not because it is really relevant. Statistical studies have shown that any one of a number of guesses has exactly the same chance of being right as any other in the set. Nevertheless, we often make the mistake of believing that a particular guess has a greater probability of being right. This is a fallacy that motivates every gambling situation. The whims and ideas of monarchs have often been their downfall. Major decisions of corporations, coun tries and even individuals, if taken without the backing of facts and research can often lead to costly mistakes sometimes irreversible... (Baily, 1994 76-83). A majority of the type of research mentioned is conducted by using mathematical and statistical functions. But when the target area of study is a human being, quantitative measurement of phenomena is not always possible. Human experience is inherently qualitative, and often it is best reported thus. A number of researchers have understood this, and choose to study phenomena from a qualitative and descriptive point of view. While such research is often criticized for not being qualified to present hard data, the insight it provides into the human experience makes it well worth the effort. It is, of course, difficult to generalize from essential data a strength of objectively collected data. In some cases, there is no get at all to apply the findings in a larger context. Qualitative research is also much fallible in its i nterpretation. But in spite of all its flaws, qualitative data especially in the Social Sciences can provide an understanding and a perspective that empirical data cannot afford.

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Principles of Marketing Bachelor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Principles of Marketing Bachelor - establish Example(Porter, 1985)This can be defined as what must be sacrificed or given up by one party in an exchange inorder to obtain another item from the other party. damage means a variety of things to a number of people. The first view is the consumers view. He does not proficient consider charge in monetary terms i.e. what he must pay to get a good or service, but he alike considers the time he has to spend to fully engage the mathematical product. This implies that altogether the trouble he has to undergo before he can derive utility from the product is considered as a price. While the seller considers price in a positive sense in that it is a reflection of the amount of revenue he is getting. It is also seen as a prerequisite to profit. It is also an important marketing aid for organisations. This is because traffickers can use their prices as a tool to advertise or promote their w ars.There are a number of factors that need to be considered by the marketer when devising pricing decisions. This is because it is not just the final consumer who will make contact with his product. Taking an example of a book sold online - the publisher must consider wholesalers, retailers and even resellers because these groups of people will substantially venture his final income. (Hunger, 2003)The main idea behind any price decision is to strike a remainder between satisfying the customers needs while at the same time making profit for the organisation. It should be remembered that price is proportional to innovation. This is because creativity adds value and thus allows the company to raise its price. Besides this fact, a marketer should also incorporate a companys objectives - what does the company want to gain from sale of a product or service. Allowances and discounts need to be integrated too be cause they cause a substantial reducing in sale of the product. If a product is new to the market, it must have a lower price to lure consumers. This is what is called tactful introductory pricing. In addition, a marketer needs to consider geographical factors when vista his price. The product may have to travel long distances from its place of manufacture. Lastly, prices should be flexible at all times. It must reflect both internal and external market forces and these are very dynamic factors. mooring -distribution channelsDistribution channels include all the people between the consumer and the supplier that are regard in the exchange of services or products. The activities integrated in distribution range from storage, ordering, shipping, promotion, displaying, feedback and selling. In this channelling adjoin there are usually two broad categories i.e. firms specialised in channels and resellers. Resellers are those groups that eat up over ownership of products from the marketer and sell these to others. Resellers may come in form of a earnings or may simply be on their own. Examples of resellers include retailers, wholesalers and industrial distributors. Speciality firms provide patron with the sale of an item but do not necessarily buy the item. Some of them may be brokers or agents who bring sellers and buyers in concert after a certain charge. Other speciality firms are distribution service firms who help in storage, transportation or other activities that involve

Evolution and growth of Mutual Fund in India Essay

Evolution and developing of Mutual Fund in India - Essay ExampleAs a result, the popularity of the mutual gunstocks is check to big towns and cities i.e. the places outside the metropolitan area are yet to be fully tapped by the industriousness. A significant portion of the countrys population lives in these areas. It is important that the mutual funds organise this section of investors if it has to raise the profitability margins. This can help the industry to penetrate into the unexploited markets in the country. If the industry can reach out to the wider audience then this give a significant boost to the harvest-festival and development of the mutual funds in the country.On the other hand Indian mutual fund segment has largely been product led-and not sufficiently customer focused with limited focus macrocosm accorded by players to innovation and new product development. Further there is limited flexibility in fees and set structures as reported by interviewees in our study in 2009. It is important that if the funds desire to arrive at a robust growth they should design their policies as per the needs of the customer. The diversified population of the country comprising of the retired individuals, blue income groups, middle income groups, etc make it necessary to have the funds as per the requirements of the related group. For example the coronation purpose of a retired individual is not the same as that of the high income group. The former requires a regular come of cash and is happy with stable returns while the latter is risk averse and desires high returns by taking high risks. By designing the funds as per the investment needs of the investors the industry can give to the various sections of the society. This will make it popular across all the income classes.Mutual funds are investment schemes that are managed by professional experts. These financial instruments have become extremely popular on chronicle of some inbuilt advantages. Initi ally investment in high value stocks

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Argument essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 6

Argument - Essay ExampleLiving today is much easier and for sure enough this provide also be different another l age to come and life will be better than today.The political world has evolved and the rights of the people today are more harbored. liter years ago, the citizens did not obligate enough avenues where they could air their grievances. Today there are civil rights groups that help to protect the lives of the citizens. With the different political parties, there is the party that runs the government and there is the opposition side. The purpose of the opposition is to watch that the government of the day does not misuse the office it holds. With the civil rights groups and opposition parties, leaders on twain sides are more accountable.The courts that were meant to prosecute the leaders for abuse of office rarely did their work. The mighty had power whereas the parkland man was left watching their tax money go to waste. Today the case is different. Today we have nati onal, regional and international courts like the International Criminal Court to ensure that those in power do not abuse this power.Another fascinating thing is that the voters are more enlightened today than they were fifty years. It is not only the parliament that has a say on the political world. Through referendums, the people deal air their views on the direction they would want their nation to follow.Today, the gap between the rich and the poor is not as wide as it was fifty years ago. When the gap between the poor and the rich narrows, and so we can say that the economy of the country is doing well. Martin Luther King fifty one years ago gave a moving speech where he saw the lives of all the Statesns improve to a great extent. Today, the economy of America is doing well, and the country is a global icon in terms of its finances. The country can now lapse aid to other nations in the world.The household income has improved compared to what many homes used to make on average. Fifty

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Embracing new media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Embracing new media - Essay ExampleToday, implement of new media types has become common in almost every home where people wont distinct media to transfer important information to each other. Positive and Negative Aspects of parvenu Media Emerging new media technologies brings a number of great benefits to the people living all over the world, which make people replace mature media with the new ones. Some of the main advantages of using new media technologies include improved connectivity, reduced distances, interactivity, low approach communication, improved business marketing, and broad and diverse audience. All of these advantages of new media argon playing a considerable role in the life of almost every person. Low cost communication and kind interactivity are two such features of new media, which attract a large number of people towards new media. New media technologies are also popular in the business world. Today, almost every company makes use of social networking web sites and other new media types to reach new markets and introduce their products and services to a diverse range of audience. along with a large number of benefits of new media, there also exist some negative viewpoints regarding use of new media.

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Korean Baptist Church Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Korean Baptist Church - Term Paper ExampleThe church believes that thithers only one God reveals himself in three personas as the Father, the Son, and the master Spirit. Its platform is the Holy Scripture which is the foundation and the basis of all the doctrines the church stands. The official website of the southern Baptist convention (sbc.net) statesIt has God for its author, redemption for its end, and truth, without some(prenominal) mixture of error, for its matter. Therefore, all Scripture is totally true and trustworthy. It reveals the principles by which God judges us, and then is, and will remain to the end of the world the true center of Christian union, and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and religious opinions should be tried. All Scripture is a testimony to Christ, who is Himself the focus of divine revelation.As the church committed to relational, positive evangelism, the outreach is centered on reaching the unchurched one. It takes serious ly in developing, educating and empowering the called for service. It is apply to serve people as theyre active in many charitable projects. Its been tolerant home for the homeless, feeding the hungry and serves as a refuge for many who were devastated by calamities. Its similarly supporting missionaries to spread the real teaching of Christ. Furthermore, it is a home for what they called true Christians.Denton Korean Baptist Church find at 2810 N Locust St. Denton Texas is one of the active Korean Baptist Church today. Just like any other Korean Baptist church, Denton Korean Baptist Church is just a traditional one headed by curate Hyoung Min Kim. The altar is decorated in a simple fashion which hastens the tranquility of the place. It is a arrant(a) place to discern. A place where God speaks and people listen. Indeed, it refreshes one soul. Yet, the peacefulness outside is still superseded by the warmth of the people. The burning

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Development in Language Learning Essay Example for Free

Development in address Learning EssayLanguage educators in mono-linguistic societies world-wide face a commonly held myth children atomic number 18 only able to handle hotshot culture and champion speech at a clip. No doubt this is due to the fact that these perceptions atomic number 18 largely formed by adults who have been brought up and conditioned to think in the modes of a one- verbiage, one-culture society. nonwithstanding research has shown that children are much more(prenominal) flexible in these areas than close adults would give them credit for.Children world-wide diddle cardinal, three and more vocabularys in their former(a) years and while there whitethorn be many short-term teachingal delay the long-term benefits from skill new(prenominal) languages is considerable. In the great majority of cases parents are the principle instructors of one or two of these languages and as the childrens main caregivers are ide solelyy suitable for the job. Parent s, the most prestigious people from a childs perspective, are the most most-valuable agent in m ageding a child in the pre- tutor years.The purpose of this paper is to take lessons learned from multilingual menages and apply them to second language learning at preschool. The core elements discussed will be the benefits of bilingualism and pre-literacy programs in the preschool years. thither is no doubt that early literacy gives a marked advantage to children envisioning into primary school. It follows that the advantage would be double if literacy was promoted in two languages. What this paper seeks to show is that this erect be done by victimisation methods taken from successful bilingual ho drug abuseholds and mimicking them in second language education for preschoolers.Additionally, by providing early edition and minding activities linking the seat and the second language, schools can make use of the one of the most powerful factors in the learning of a second language by preschoolers, parental support. Before these activities are come outlined it is indwelling that we summarize the benefits of pre- schooling skills in bilingual households. Discussion and Summary of Research 1. Benefits of Early Reading in respective(a) Languages in that location is no doubt that disposed the environment and the proper motivational tools young children show an by-line in reading and being read to.Parents who incorporate the reading of stories into a preschoolers free-and-easy activities will see the increased chance of literacy at a young age. Theorists for years have been sexual relation us about the benefits of reading to our child. Mackler (1997) leases that the more enjoyable a childs puzzle with early reading the greater is the possibility that they will read with frequency in the future. She states that, Young childrens self-initiated interactions with print at home are valuable behavioral indexes of emerging motivations for reading.Shared tierb ook reading plays an of import role in promoting reading motivations when the socioemotional climate is positive, children are more resideed in reading and more likely to heap it as enjoyable (p. 69). Andersson (1977) concludes that Parents who read, pack, and discuss interesting or important subjects in the presence of their children and who answer their childrens questions develop a close relationship with their children, a relationship which older children are quick to adopt with their young siblings. It only follows that if reading in one language to a child is profitable to the childs future education reading in two languages is steady more profitable. Andersson (1977) claims that early reading for children and their parents is an experience that brings joy and self-esteem to a child and that this is doubly so for children who have the opportunity to enjoy lit in two languages. In his study on family reading in two languages Andersson (1977) researched the early reading process of three families.He concludes that, far from being a double burden, learning to read in two languages is a double joy, leading to a positive self-image. Meier (2003) adds that children being read to in two different languages tend to learn about the distinctive cultures of the two languages. She claims that From these book reading experiences, many children come through an extensive book-based mental lexicon and absorb important cultural lessons about things like gender roles, family relationships, and the nature of acquaintance (p. 242).She besides claims that these early reading experiences help children adapt to the school environment by teaching them to listen quietly and attentively, raising their hand when they wish to speak and remembering their questions until the end of the story (p. 243). One study done on low-income Spanish speaking immigrants and their children showed that reading done inside the family helped considerably in expanding phrase of Spanish at home with a group of three-year-old children (Akers, Boyce, Cook, Innocenti, Jump Roggman, 2004, p. 371).Forty-seven mothers and their three year old children were analyzed while they shared reading cartridge clip. The conclusions were that their childrens attention was expanded and that conversation and interaction within the family were enhanced (Akers, Boyce, Cook, Innocenti, Jump Roggman, 2004, p. 383). The most significant change was that the childrens vocabulary was significantly broadened (p. 384). Yet it is important to emphasize that investigation shows that while literacy can advance upon second language learning, bilingualism does not necessarily improve upon literacy.Bialystok (2002) contends that much of the literature surrounding literacy and bilingualism in fact argues that bilingualism promotes literacy and that this is not necessarily the case. She concludes that the relation between bilingualism and literacy depends to a large extent on certain skills developed by teachers and parents and that in this sense bilingualism at the time literacy begins can result in an advantage and sometimes a disadvantage for bilingual children. Bilingualism clearly affects childrens development of literacy, but its effect is neither simple nor unitary (p.159). 2. Bilingual Families What We Can Learn Although there is a great deal of literature on the benefits of learning a second language the deep grained idolise in mono-linguistic cultures is that learning two languages at the same time is trying for that child. But some theorists claim that language learning for bilingual children is in fact quite the same for monolingual children (Paneque, 2006, p. 171). What is more important for authors such as Paneque (2006) are other factors such as who provides the language input, or when the second language is introduced (172).She adds that while some children may start the process of becoming bilingual at birth other start in their preschool years but that Either way, both methods of becoming bilingual can be effective (p. 172). Other studies claim that the fear of slow development caused by bilingualism causes children to know neither of the languages well. Mclaughlin (1995) claims that, in fact, it is uncommon that both languages be in balance. He claims that, One language typically predominates in use and exposure. When this happens, elements of the other language can quickly be lost. The child can forget vocabulary and even rules of grammar (p.4). The author concludes that it is only a question of time before the other language catches up and evens out the results (p. 4). Genesee, Paradis and Cargo (2004) conclude that children are more than capable of learning more than one language, either at the same time or one after the other. While many people focus completely on teaching methodologies authors such as Walqui hold that the psychological side of second language learning is in fact just as important. Stresses and fears brought out i n the home and school environment can result in problems for the bilingual child.Walqui claims that, While many discussions about learning a second language focus on teaching methodologies, little emphasis is given to the contextual factorsindividual, social, and societalthat affect students learning. There is no doubt that the success with which bilingual children develop both languages depends largely on two factors school support and home support. While at home a child may speak one language at school they may speak another. In order for them to become proficient in the home language they must have the support of their family. Walqui (2000) claims that support from family is essential to second language learning.She states that well-nigh educators believe that parents of English language learners should speak only English in the home. However, far more important than speaking English is that parents value both the native language and English, and communicate with their children in whichever language is most comfortable. There are a couple of important conclusions to make on the research done up until this time. The first is that the literature has shown us that the natural process of becoming bilingual can lead to inequalities in the learning of one language or the other at certain times.The second conclusion is that given the right support by the family and education institutions children can learn both languages to the satisfaction of both. The third is that communicating through conversation and shared reading can greatly enhance a childs vocabulary in either language. What we can take from these three points of bilingualism in preschoolers is that if the same circumstances of communion and reading with bilingual children are applied to children learning a second language out of the home the possibilities of success would be enhanced. Application of ResearchActivities That Use the School and the Home to Promote a countenance Language Playschool suppo rt, home support and shared reading are the three elements of the program this institute will propose to use to develop the second language abilities of preschoolers at an age in which they may learn the basics of literacy in their second language at the same time they do so with their first language. Although there is debate on the language learning window and when it closes Paneque (2006) concludes that early childhood does come out to be the optimal time for language learning.She claims that it is when the childs mind is still open and flexible, and not cluttered with all sorts of other learning, not to mention the societys views on which languages are prestige languages, and which ones are regarded by the society as of little or no importance (p. 171). Before we go into the particulars of the proposed program first we should mention that it work around the presumption that the first priority to the family of a second language learner is to push their maternalistic language a nd excellence in that language.Indeed, Fortune (2003) states of English speaking students in immersion programs that parents must provided an cash machine which will enhance their development of the English language. She claims that principally they should read and play games with them that will develop their literacy and vocabulary in English. She concludes that Research shows that the stronger the development of the native language, the greater the proficiency in the immersion language, so children who enter an immersion program with a strong base in English will succeed more easily than those whose English skills are not as strong. What is proposed here is that parents simply use one of the tools of promoting that language, pre-reading skills, to propel their preschoolers to open their mind to another language. So how can pre-reading be incorporated into a family that may not even understand the basics of the language being learned by the preschooler? This can be done by organi zing a pre-reading program which connects the home and the preschool. Throughout the year teachers will choose a variety of simple word books that incorporate vocabulary the children have already learned in class.The teacher will read the story to the children and attempt to encourage their participation on discussing its characters, ideas and plot. Over the course of time they will do various activities that will work with the stories vocabulary and plot. These types of activity will obviously be dependent on the age group the teachers are working with. When the teacher is finished working with the story they will send the project on to its second stage home discussion. The story will go home with the preschooler where it will be incorporated into family reading but it will not be the parents reading the story but rather the preschooler.The preschooler will be required to re-tell the story or act out the story as they remember it but by translating it into the families language. T he family will be support by the school to ask the child to instruct them on new vocabulary in the out-of-door language. It is through activities like this that parents can help to support the second language by showing pride and accomplishment in what their child has learned up until that moment. Preschoolers in particular will be satisfy that they have the opportunity to teach their family. Bilingual books may be used to further help the parents with the activity.Meier (2003) also provides an outline for choosing and presenting the chosen books that would help preschool and kindergarten teachers gain more interest from their students. She recommends that first and foremost a teacher choose a book that relates to childrens lives (p. 248). Secondly she recommends that teachers ask creative and open ended questions to charge up interest in the story (p. 248). Lastly Meier believes that if a teacher makes a book come a live by using props it will garner a far greater interest in t he story (p. 248). SummaryIt is through pre-reading programs like this that playschool teachers teaching a second language might harness the most powerful factor in a young childs life, parental support, without disrupting the important mode of communication that is the maternal language. It is undeniable that both the reading and the acquisition of languages are of great educational importance. By combining the two and providing the right support at preschool and at home teachers and parents may be creating an atmosphere where these young children can take advantage of the flexibility their young minds release them in language learning. ReferencesAkers, J. F. , Boyce, L. K. , Cook, G. A, Innocenti, M. S. , Jump, J. F. Roggman, L. A. (2004). Sharing Books and Learning Language What do Latina Mothers and Their Young Children Do? Early direction and Development, 15 (4), 371-386. Andersson, T. (1977). A Guide to Family Reading in Two Languages The University of Texas at Austin Evalu ation, Dissemination and judicial decision Center, California State University, Los Angeles, http//www. ncela. gwu. edu/pubs/classics/preschool/iii. htm Bialystok, E. (2002). Acquisition of Literacy in Bilingual Children A Framework for Research Language Learning, 52 (1), 159199.

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Wal-Mart Essay Example for Free

Wal-Mart EssayWal-Marts first foray outside the unify States was in Mexico in 1991. Although Wal-Market executives had no previous foreign experience, they recognized that there were substantial income and cultural differences in Mexico. Accordingly, the American retail giant established a 50/50 join venture with Cifra SA, Mexicos largest retailer. Despite havig a partner, the gild made a number of blunders. Among them were poorly translated signs and a merchandise kind that including inappropriate items such(prenominal) as ice skates,, leaf blowers, and riding lawn mowers. To make matters worse, wal-marts vaunted information frame would automatically re-stock merchandise that topical anesthetic managers had tried to close out. The Mexican shops sold American-stlyle packedge meat and vegetables, which many shoppers like to procure from small neighborhood stores. Also, most Mexican suppliers shipped directly to stores rather than to retailer warehouses and scattering cent ers. Thus, wal-mart lacked the tick that translates into low prices in the United States.As Sam Dunn, Director of administration for Wal Mart de Mexico, commented, The key to this foodstuff is distribution.The retailer who solves that will dominate. One sign of Wal-Marts long term commitment to Mexico was its decision in mid-1997 to convert its joint venture shares into Cifra common stock and purchase enough additional shares to have a controlling stake in the company the new enterprise is called Wal-Mart de Mexico S. A de C. V. (Walmex). Meanwhile, Wal-Mart turned its sights further south. In 1995, the company teamed up with Lojas Americanas SA and splayed five stores in Brazil operating without a partner in Argentina, Wal-Mart opened four stores.By 2000, the company was operating 12 Su per centumers in Argentina. The stores offer a dumfounding variety, with a typical mix of approximately 50. 000 different products. In 1994, wal -mart entered Canada by acquiring the 122-store W oolco chain. The market appeared really attractive, because a high percentage of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the border. In addition to a high familiarity with Wal-Mart, Canadians also speak English and have a monetary frame that is similar to the American one.The small size of existing Woolco stores resulted in disappointing sales Wal-Mart responded by moving to new locations or expanding units. Much early sales process came at the expense of existing department stores. Future growth may be hampered by the relatively small Canadian population and a trend towards crown of thorns border shopping to escape high value-added taxes. Also, management at Zeller? s, Wal-Mart? s main competitor in Canada, has responded by renovating stores and expanding beyond its traditional reject formula. entropy AmericaThe retailing environment in South America is very competitive, in part because Carrefour had arrived first. The French company inked distribution deals with ma nufactures of leading local brands this is a key advantage, because well-known consumer packaged goods brands such as Tide detergent are non widely accepted in South America, Moreover, Carrefour player hardball, undercutting Wal-Mart? s prices on key items such as cooking oil, rice, and shampoo. Some observers famed that Carrefour? s French hereditary pattern undoubtedly gave it the upper hand in presenting fresh fish, meat, and produce.Local retailers were strong as well confront with rampant inflation in the late 1980s, they had invested in sophisticated cash registers and an inventory control system to help them make frequent- heretofore daily-price localisements. Despite these competitive challenges, Wal-Mart quickly adapted to the unfamiliar environment. It hired local managers, who in turn helped develop the right product assortment and merchandising approaches. For example, the Wal- Mart Supercenters in Argentina ab initio kept fresh seafood in glass display cases.Howeve r, South Americans typically want to examine likely food purchases up close and even touch them Wal-Mart made the appropriate changes. Wal-Mart quickly discovered that, in South America, the entire family shops together it turned out that Wal-Mart? s aisles were not wide enough to keep such groups. Shoppers also were information deprived Wal-Mart responded with clinics and in-stone demonstrations such as weekly makeovers in the cosmetics departments. Wal-Mart also had to adjust the approach of its Sam? s Club warehouse stones. Small business operators were expected to account for a significant amount of purchases at Sam? Club.However, even these buyers were unable to afford the bulk packs that are mainstays of Wal-Mart? s wholesale club format. Sam? s managers were forced to break down bulk quantities into smaller packs and even sell individual items. Europe Market entry in europe came in 1997 whit the purchase of 21 hypermarkets from Wertkauf GmbH. The following year Wal-Mart acq uired 74 additional hypermarkets from Spar Handels AG. The early going was difficult the twain acquired companies were merged under a centralized headquarters, a major remodeling program affecting most of the stores was launched, and distribution was centralized.In addition, the company? s aggressive determine resulted in a price war among Germany? s retailers who had already been through traumatic changes related to the reunification with East Germany in 1990. Wal-Mrt? s losses in Germany for 1999 were estimated to run as high as $200 million. However, with the transition largely in place, in 2000, company officials announced plans to open 50 more stores in Germany and to double its share of the hypermarket sector to 20 percent by 2003.In 1999, wal-Mart shocked the European retailing world by offering more than $10 billion for Britain? third largest supermarket chain, Asda Group PLC. It was the largest cash offer ever made for a UK business. Industry observers noted that Asda had spent years studying such fundamental elements of the Wal-Mart approach as everyday low pricing and an anti-management management culture that, for example, calls for having a greeter at the front of the store and stresses the importance of calling store personnel colleagues. As Asda Chairman Archie Norman said, The culture and attitude of Wal-Mart is one that we aspired to. ASIA Wal-Mart is also targeting Asia.With China due to join the world trade organization, wal-mart executives intend to capitalize on the economic expansion that will follow, wal-mart? s earliest foray into china, a joint venture launched in 1996 with Thailands Charoen Pokphand group, was terminated after 18 months due to management differences. Although Beijing restricts the operations of foreign retailers, wal-mart executives have made a point of structure relationships with government officials.In addition, wal-mart exports approximately 4 billion worth of goods from china each year. Joe Hatfield, wal-mar t? chief in Asia, spent a great deal of time checking in local shops to better understand the instance of merchandise the typical Chinese consumer wants to buy. Through trial-and-error, wal-mart has learned what type of merchandise sells and what doesn? t. by the end of 2000, wal-mart had 10 stores in china. However, it still lags behind Frances Carrefour SA, which has opened more than 20 small-scale discount stores in 14 Chinese cities. Wherever wal-mart goes, competitors are forced to adjust to the new retail climate.In china, Dutch retailer Royal Ahold NV and Hong Kong supermarket chain park ? N shop have scaled back. In the face of wal-mart? voracious appetite for acquisitions, metro AG, Germanys number one retailer, bought the Allfauf and kriegbaum hypermarket chains. New slogans that closely agree wal-mart? s such as ehrliche Niedrigpreise (honestly low prices) greet shoppers at metro? s real hypermarkets, and the stores open earlier in the day. Still, the size and scale of wal-mart? s operation give it tremendous buying power. For example, wal-mart buys 20 percent of all the Pampers brand disposable diapers produced by Procter gamble. In Mexico, Francisco Martinez, CFO of rival commercial Mexicana SA, noted, I buy 20,000 plastic toys, and wal-mart buys 20 million.

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Dance script Essay Example for Free

Dance deal EsenunciateDance is something that e trulyone knows about, but not many people understand. As an avid terpsichorer and competition for over ten years, Ive learned to embrace the many forms of dancing in this world. Its seriously to put a single definition on leaping it is graceful, it is feminine because there are adept too many types of dancing, each with a unique style. What I can say right now, is that dance is a discipline that requires immense control of the body to accurately communicate the intent of the dance, but it is in addition flexible enough to allow individual emotions and personalities to shine through. Today, I would like to explore with you four very different types of dance ballet, Chinese, ballroom, and hip to(predicate) hop. 1 Ballet is an art form that originated in the 15th cytosine during the Renaissance. As you can see from the picture, the ballerina wears pointe shoes basically regular ballet shoes (hold shoe) with a box on top. Th e ballet shoe is usually made of satin or regular cloth, is some eons cover with leather on top, and has leather soles for good traction.The ballerina also wears the tutu, which used to be heavily change (and therefore very heavy), but designs book been simplified and streamlined as much as thinkable to give the feeling of weightlessness. An important component of ballet is the line. Just as in math, lines go on forever, ballet enforces the concept of line both in the hands, in the legs (hence the importance of pointing), and in the combination of the two. wad traditionally think that ballet is an exclusively female art form, but through the years, men have been able to add a combination of gymnastics and other stunts to make it a dramatic experience.2 Chinese dance is something that I find very hard to pinpoint with one description as you may know, Chinas history huge, and there are many different types of Chinese dance from the different Chinese regions. One thing I can confi dently say is dancing with shore is common. In this picture, the girl dances with ribbons that are usually over ten feet long for each arm in the next picture, a Mongolian dance, the dancers dance with real porcelain bowls and often with cups (like these), and chopsticks in this picture, a baffle Huang dance, though the dancers are empty handed right now, it is very common for them to pick up a flute or some other type of Chinese musical instrument.Another thing that is emphasized in Chinese dance is femininity. While in ballet, the chin is always up, the body extended to the most extent, in Chinese dance, the chin is usually tucked to symbolize a sense of shyness. Thats not to say that Chinese dance is not as dynamic as other types of dancemaybe another short clip may help? 3 Ballroom is honestly one of my favorite types of dances, and today, Ill be talking about Latin dance specifically. Latin dances are made up of samba, rumba, chacha, jive, and pase doble.The engagement betw een the dance styles is the emphasized beat, (give example), and therefore, its rhythm. One of the biggest differences between ballroom and other forms of dances is its emphasis on hip motion, how the hip controls the leg action, and vice versa. Also important is the process through which the weight is transferred between feet vertically or horizontally. Speed and subtileness are factors that are crucial to being a good ballroom dancer, and part of the agility comes from the interaction between the partners. Resistance from the male (not even a push), signifies ever-changing direction, sound the hand preps for a turn, and such.Costumes are generally tight and minimal, but usually decorated with sequins and tassels, to make sharp turns more noticeable. 4 Finally, hip hop is a form of dance that originated on the streets of cities, and is closely committed to breakdancing. For many dancers, shoewear only includes sneakers, but more professional dancers often use danzsneakers, which provide good ankle support, arch support, and a flat top for toe stands. Hip hop often focuses on bodily isolations and gymnastic feats backflipping is common. Mostly, hip hop conveys a sense of attitude and independence.Its a very impudently art form in comparison to the others, and we are yet to see where it will take us. 5 So weve talked about four different types of dance ballet, Chinese, ballroom, and hip hop. But keep in learning ability that there are so many more jazz, modern, lyrics, just to name a few. Next time you see a dancer, dont immediately dismiss their art as just a girl sport, but realize that it is a discipline that takes an entire lifetime of practice and training to pass off a grace and flexibility unparalleled in most other sports. Perhaps you may wishing to try dance yourselfIm sure it will be a life changing experience.

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City Road Essay Example for Free

City roadway undertakeAnother would be that pedestrians seem to be favoured much so than motorists. For instance the islands in the middle of the road, they be at that place to make crossing City avenue safer and more convenient to those who travel by foot. The island isnt but the concrete mound in the middle of the road, it also includes the paint on the ground somewhat it which cars argon not allowed to drive over. Again, the bollards that were erected along the pavements are there to favour pedestrians. The reason why they were assemble there is to stop vehicles parking on the curbs, which was a problem before the bollards were put in house as the cars and lorries would park right over the pavements making it difficult for concourse to walk past and going less space for people with prams or wheelchairs to go round. Some things favour diametric groups because they appeal to different groups. Take for example the Taste Buds Cafe genius thing that struck me straight away was that the volume of the customers in there were predominantly female and mostly the older generation.They like to go in there because it appeals to them, it appeals to them because The price is reasonable- a lot of the customers will be drawing a pension so holding costs down is important to them, They smell out safe- because there are regulars who go there and they get familiar with one another and that gives the customers a sense of safety because they know what to expect and Mr Suarez the cafe owner acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the feeling of safety through being consistent in the way in which he runs his business. Also the menu is all home cooked and this is important to his customers.Because of all these factors, Mr Suarezs cafe is geared more towards the older generation than the younger ones so in a sense it is favouring, although that isnt altogether a bad thing. Lastly I would mention the security cameras. They are positioned all over City Road and the y are there for a number of reasons, one reason is that a crime is less believably to be committed in an area which has CCTV (which deters people from offending) and also it makes people in the area feel safer knowing that these things are in place to not only aid in the catching of the people who commit the crimes but also that it is part of crime pr so fartion too.CCTV is important on City Road because it does make the residence feel that little bit safer, a lot of them feel that the road is a bit rough and not the sort of place you would like to walk down at night, even though the local policeman denies that there is a problem with crime in the area.People just perceive it to be a crime hotspot, despite having little to no experience of any hard crimes having taken place on the road. Most of the material things on City Road favour one group over another but some inadvertently and some deliberately, the issue with the busses for example is inadvertent. They are not purposely des igned to be inconvenient to a certain

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Using Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon Essay Example for Free

Using Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon EssayMany feel that the affablely challenged are define through the many an(prenominal) hardships of prejudice and insult by people who lack the cognition and understanding of their mental conditions. Usually what people dont know about, they consider strange or awkward and this is the case with the hardships of the mentally challenged. Prejudice, maltreatment and ignorance towards the mentally challenged are illustrated by the novel, Flowers for Algernon.In Flowers for Algernon, Charlie Gordon, beingness mentally challenged, goes through many experiences when he is pre judged by many people, especially those who claim to be his friends. These friends of his have the wrong ideas and wrong views when it comes to the mentally challenged. They believe that if an amputee has no limb then maybe a retard has no brain, which is completely irrelevant.Joe Carp verbalize hey construction Charlie had his operashun what did they do Charlie put some brains in (Keyes, 16)Just because someone is mentally challenged is no reason for believe that they are not capable of learning or doing anything and that is exactly what his friends and many others did to Charlie.I asked Joe Carp how he lerned to read and if I could lern to read to. He laffed like he al trends done when I said something funny and he says to me Charlie why waste your time they cant put any branes in where on that point aint none. (Keyes, 19)The hardships of prejudice that are faced by Charlie in his retard state later change the way he looks at the world in general.Along with prejudice, Charlie, was also maltreated by his so-called friends and many other people, including his own contract. Rose, Charlies mother, wanted so much for Charlie to learn and become somebody in life story and she did not want to accept that he was mentally challenged. This was not really helping him much.He is afraid(predicate) to go there alone. He reaches up to her hand and sobs out Toi-toi and she slaps his hand away. (Keyes, 55)Charlie was not only subjected to somatogenic abuse and maltreatment but he also received emotional maltreatment from the people at the bakery by allowing Charlie to believe that he is one of their friends, but really is not treated as a friend should and is instead treated as the subject of their jokes.Then Frank Reilly said what did you do Charlie open a door the hard way. That made me laff. Their my friends and they really like me. (Keyes, 16) by chance if Charlies mother and his lumberjack workers knew more about his conditions, then there may have been less maltreatment and abuse toward him.Maybe if everyone knew more about the conditions of the mentally challenged, then there may have been less subjection, for Charlie and other retarded people, to the many hardships the exist.It dont mean nothing, laughed Frank. It dont hurt him. He dont know any better. Do you, Charlie? (Keyes 42)Even his own mother did not really make mu ch of an attempt at learning more about her sons conditions. She did not crimson want to see the truth of Charlies problems and thought that if he cannot do it, she had the right to disregard him.go to the washroom. Go by yourself. You know how to go. Cant you see he wants you to take him. (Keyes 53)At times she even tried to beat knowledge into him but instead of learning whatever it was his mother was teaching him, he was emotionally scarred. Its a pity to imagine that this could be happening anywhere and that it may not fair(a) be a story.In Conclusion, Flowers for Algernon helps demonstrate how the mentally challenged are judged and treated badly because of the lack of knowledge people have of them. The prejudice Charlie faces is mainly caused by is caused by ignorance people have of his conditions which eventually leads to his maltreatment. all people should take some time to think and learn more about what is happening and being done to make mentally challenged people go th rough the many hardships they go through.

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Labor Relations Essay Example for Free

Labor Relations EssayIn reviewing information pertaining to advertize unions, thither is a plethora of information rough unions in the transportation diligence. One of the nearly astray known unions is the teamster unions, which deals with truckers. Labor unions and issues with automotive fabrication are ofttimes seen in the media. The newest transportation industry in American history is the air duct industry. As the newest transportation industry that is still vital to American comfort, convenience, and commercial, the airline industry is ripe for workers to organize and demand a greater piece of the profits from operations. In this essay, an effort will be make to review this company in regards to labor relations. Companys stance toward Labor Delta Airlines was founded by C. E. Woolman, an agri goal extension agent (Anthony, Kacmar, Perrewe, 2010). C. E Woolman was non a banker, punt capitalist or war pilot, as many of the competing airlines were. He didnt have the a ggressive troops style that many of the former(a) airline founders had. What C. E. Woolman instilled within the employees at completely levels of the organization is that hoi polloi reckon and should be treated uncloudedly and equitably.This philosophy led Delta Airlines to be the leader in customer effectual from the companys inception through the many mergers over the years. Through the difficult financial propagation when new(prenominal) airlines were laying off employees and filing for bankruptcy, Delta continued to pay their raft salutary and keep them employed. in that location was an exception during the Ronald Allen CEO era of 1987 thru 1997. Human relations took a significant down turn during his promote as CEO, especially during 1993 and 1994, but Delta decided to part ways with Allen and began repairing those fragile relationships with its employees.Delta Airlines still focuses on the kind-hearted relations factor and has been able to repair the relationship with its employees they believe it is their key to success. Despite the corporate culture to take simple machinee of its employees, a go of Delta employee departments are unionizing. They feel as though that piece is not creation distributed justly. Formulate a schema for negotiating a labor agreement Human behavior dictates that there will be problems. As a company starts making money, there is always a appetite by the employees to acquire more than of the profit.On the other hand, care has a desire to retain as much(prenominal) of the profit to be domiciliated to investors and to receive bonuses for their supposedly wise business practices. When one group wants more and another wants to retain, there will be conflict. And this is precisely what is happening at Delta Airline, as well as among many industries in the transportation arena. Employees, seeking to gain an upper hand threaten to strike however, management must be willing to address the matter through negotiation . The Negotiation ProcessFisher and Ury suggest conducting negotiations according to the process of principled negotiation. Their method has four main tenets 1. Separate the people from the problem. The idea should be for both sides to work together to attack a problem, rather than attacking each other. To achieve this goal, it is unavoidable to overcome emotional responses and set aside egos. 2. Focus on interests rather than military posts. The natural tendency in many negotiationsfor example, dickering over the price to be pay for an antiqueis for both sides to state a position and whence move toward middle ground.Fisher and Ury warn against confusing peoples stated positions with their underlying interests, and claim that positions often tend to obscure what people truly hope to gain through negotiation. 3. Generate a anatomy of options before deciding what to do. The pressure involved in any type of negotiation tends to narrow peoples visual modality and inhibit their c reativity, making it difficult to find optimal solutions to problems. Instead, Fisher and Ury suggest developing a all-inclusive range of possible solutions as part of the negotiating process.These possible solutions should attempt to advance shared interests and reconcile differences. 4. petty(a) the result on objective criteria. No one will be happy with the result of a negotiation if they feel that they have been taken advantage of. The solution is to find and halt some fair standard to the problem in put up to guarantee a mutually beneficial result. Fisher and Urys principles provide a good overall guide for the actual negotiation process. In his book, Nierenberg cracked a number of other tips and strategies that may be effective in promoting successful negotiations.For example, it may be helpful to ask questions in order to form a better understanding of the needs and interests of the other side. The questions must be phrased diplomatically and timed correctly in order to avoid an antagonistic response. The idea is to gain information and discover basic assumptions without immediately taking positions. Nierenberg stressed the immensity of listening carefully to the other sides responses, as well as studying their facial expressions and body language, in order to gain quality information.Nierenberg noted that good negotiators will employ a variety of agent to accomplish their objectives. Small business owners should be conscious(predicate) of some of the more common strategies and techniques that they may see others apply or may wish to apply themselves. One common strategy is forbearance, or patience pays, which covers any sort of wait or stick up in negotiations. If one side wishes to confer in private, or adjourn briefly, they are employing a strategy of forbearance. other common strategy is to present a fait accompli, or come to a final offer and leave it up to the other side to decide whether to accept it.In a simple example, a small busin ess owner may scratch out one provision in a contract that he or she finds unacceptable, then sign it and send it back. The other party to the contract then must decide whether to accept the revised agreement. Nierenberg warns that this strategy can be risky, and encourages those who employ it to carefully review the consequences first. Another possible negotiating strategy is reversal, which involves taking a position that seems opposed to the original one. Similarly, feinting involves apparently miserable in one influenceion in order to ivert assist from the true goal.For example, a negotiator may give in on a point that is not very important in order to make the square objective more attainable. Another strategy involves setting limits on the negotiation, whether with regards to time, the people involved, or other factors. It is in like manner possible to change the participation in the negotiation if it seems to be at an impasse. For example, a neutral third party may be e nlisted to help, or one or two people from each side may be sent off to continue the negotiation separately.It may also be helpful to break down the problem into small pieces and tackle them one by one. Another strategy might be to trade sides for a short time and try to view the office staff from each others perspective. All of these techniques may be applied either to gain advantage or to preserve forward a negotiation that has apparently reached an impasse. Analyze the principle economic and administrative issues The airline industry is a fast growing sector demonstrating a very strong growth rate. It is associated with a number of social and economic benefits and is a growing contributor to the global inventory (Whitelegg, 2000).Business cycles have a wide reaching impact on the airline industry during recession, air travel was considered a extravagance and therefore spending is cut which leads to reduced prices. The industry creates its impact not just by providing direct em ployment, but also through the creation of opportunities throughout the travel and hospitality sector of the economy. Jobs in hotels, resorts, restaurants and car rental agencies are all impacted by the airline industry (Global Airline Industry Program, 2011).The airline industry itself is a major economic force, both in terms of its own operations and its impacts on related industries such as aircraft manufacturing and tourism. in that respect are few industries that create the amount and intensity of attention that airlines receive, not lonesome(prenominal) among its participants but from government policy makers and the media as well. The crucial issues on the table transmute depending on whether the person is in management or is a worker. For management, the key to retain as much money as possible, while for the workers the goal is to obtain more of the profit.Thus, in management, the argument would be made to show how much money is used to provide employee insurances and ben efits, reinvest in equipment and aircraft, general property and liability. On backsheesh of that, investors must be repaid. For the employee or worker, this is a stressful environment where the employee needs to be compensated for his work-related stress. Employee paid benefits continues to decrease, and the employee is forced to pay a disproportionate share. Thus, the employee needs more money just to live at a sustainable level.Recommend policies and procedures to administer a labor contract and resolve disputes. It is of utmost importance to resolve conflict expeditiously and justly for all parties involved. Thus, I would recommend the following policies as a means to resolve disputes When a team oversteps the mark of healthy difference of opinion, resolving conflict requires consider and patience. The human experience of conflict involves our emotions, perceptions, and actions we experience it on all three levels, and we need to address all three levels to resolve it. We must replace the negative experiences with positive ones.Acknowledge the conflict The conflict has to be acknowledged before it can be managed and resolved. The tendency is for people to ignore the first signs of conflict, perhaps as it seems trivial, or is difficult to differentiate from the normal, healthy debate that teams can thrive on. If you are concerned just about the conflict in your team, discuss it with other members. Once the team recognizes the issue, it can start the process of resolution. deal the impact As a team, discuss the impact the conflict is having on team dynamics and performance. check over to a cooperative process Everyone involved must agree to cooperate in to resolve the conflict. This means putting the team first, and may involve setting aside your opinion or ideas for the time being. If somebody wants to win more than he or she wants to resolve the conflict, you may find yourself at a stalemate. score to communicate The most important thing throughou t the resolution process is for everyone to keep communications open. The people involved need to talk about the issue and discuss their strong feelings. Active listening is native here because to move on you eed to really understand where the other person is coming from. Determine the most likely interest dispute and determine how you could leverage economic pressure to help resolve that dispute. There is no way to overstate the role leverage plays when it comes to achieving favorable settlements. Leverage is defined as positional advantage the power to act effectively strategic advantage. Stated more simply, your leverage is whatever power you have (Cory, 2011). Leverage is usually more about situational advantage than objective strength or power.For example, a single individual or small business may have few resources carnal knowledge to a large corporation but still have situational advantage by virtue of being able to compel the larger corporation to appear and answer in a f avorable venue. alike even when there is a legitimate claim which could result in a significant personnel casualty to the defendant, if the plaintiff does not have the resources or the fortitude to stay the course, then the defendant has the situational advantage by virtue of being able to delay and wait the plaintiff out.Leverage can be real or imagined. Your actual leverage at any point in time is based only on the other sides perception of your leverage (which can obviously differ significantly from the actual facts). There are obviously situations where you have an information advantage, such as when you know about a weakness in your grammatical case that is not yet known by the other side. In such a situation you will, perhaps only briefly, appear to have more leverage than you really do.Likewise, you can be at an information disadvantage such as when you mistakenly think that the other side has a stronger case than they actually do. There are also situations where you mist akenly think that your case is stronger than it actually is which occurs when for one reason or another you dont have all the facts, or when the facts have not been accurately relayed to you. But regardless of your actual leverage, if there is no fear on the other side, you have little if any effective leverage (Cory, 2011).

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How the Octopus Close Season Affected Womens Life in Rodrigues Essay Example for Free

How the Octopus Close Season Affected Womens Life in Rodrigues EssayRodrigues is a 108 square kilometre, volcanic originated island, located in the Indian Ocean at some 600 kilometres at the east of the mainland Mauritius. It is surrounded by coral reef weeing a lagoon with a bounteous biodiversity, which as twice the size of the land It was formerly known as the tenth district of Mauritius, up to the 10th of December 2002, where it attained the status of autonomy, governed by the Rodrigues Regional Assembly. The economy is mainly based on traditional fishing, low-scale farming, handicraft and an emerging tourism sector. One of the most common means of traditional fishing, is the famous octopus catch, which is mainly done by the Rodriguan women, known here as the piqueuse dourite. This is done at low tide where the fisherman equipped with iron rods, pace up and down the coral barrier, in search of a hole where nests the mollusc. The new government elected in February this ye ar, expressed the wish to merge sustainable developments and protect local resources, for food security and protection of the environment.In this connection a law was adopted by the Rodrigues Regional Assembly in July 2012 for the closure of octopus catch season as from August 2012 to October 2012. This program is a joint quislingism financed by Smartfish and the Rodrigues Regional assembly. Smartfish is a regional create mentally financed by the European Union and is implemented by the Indian Ocean Commission in collaboration with the Common Market for Eastern and southern Africa (COMESA) , the east African community (EAC) and the Intergovernmental Authority on victimization ( IGAB).The Octopus fishers were called for a half day work in the interest of the environment against remuneration in collection for them to cope with the loss of earnings. The fisherwoman at the beginning of the project found a lot of difficulties to conciliate with it. They used to sell their octopus on days where they go fishing and hence handling specie in small quantities, spread over several days. In the program they were paid after a week of work. They found much trouble to wait for the pay and had to adapt themselves to a new form of budgeting and a new form of saving in order to meet expenses for the coming days in the lead next payment.For example Mrs Cupidon of Baladirou, a professional fisherwoman, who use to earn around Rs 300 each period she goes fishing, uses go to the nearby shop everyday where she buys food for the day and keeps around Rs 25 rupees to pay the electrical energy bill at the end of the month. Now being paid after a week labored her to seek for credit and pay after one week, it has been hard for her to persuade the shop owner to award her such(prenominal) service. Locating an octopus in the sea is reserved to expert eyes and intuition.Since young fester many piqueuse dourite have been initiated to the skill of locating the octopuss next, to tac kle it in order to force it out of its hiding place and to kill it in such a way as to avoid being hurt by the mollusc. When, they are called to exert a new profession such as to build stone retaining walls, many of them were in trouble and could not adapt themselves. Moreover it was the prototypal time in their lives where they were placed below the supervision of a superior, where they had to be punctual and abide to the principles judge from a public worker. Many supervisors also xpressed the obstacles they had to overcome to make them respected and to impose laid principles.At a time during the programme cycle, there was a delay for payment, which had consequent and dramatic impulses on the lives of these fisherwomen. creation not used to keep savings, many of them found themselves without food. Formerly a part of their catch was unploughed for own consumption, but with this program they consumed only food bought from the shop. There were also absentees at school collectibl e to the fact that many women were penny less and could not provide for basic daily needs of their children.In this project, the one who benefitted the most were the fisherwoman themselves who after the opening of the season found their catch being multiplied, where the volume and size of octopus was highly satisfactory, to the point that actually they are keen for the government to repeat the project this year. The punt of this government to implement this program is to be greatly saluted as it goes in the direction of sustainable development. just some measures have to be tuned and re-adapted to suit the peculiarity of the way of living of the fisherwomen and decisions should be taken with their full(a) collaboration.

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Practice and Principles of Nursing Essay Example for Free

manage and Principles of Nursing EssayPrinciples and Practices of Nursing We volition describe collaborating with early(a) health care professionals in the focal point of health care, and what should be done according to this regulation. (Oklahoma Board of Nursing, 2011). We will describe confidentiality and establish how it takes the Nurses professional finality making in this Case study. We will hash out the ethical implications of placing this persevering on the ventilator.We will discuss things the tolerants fel low-down Mr.Y should consider before agreeing to allow Dr. K to place the Patient Mr. E on the ventilator, and facts that affect the Patients Advance directing. We will discuss violations of HIPAA seen in this Case Study. We will discuss the conduct of the Nurses in this slip of paper study. We will discuss the steps the professional Nurse should take based on the ANA code of ethics. collaboration is not just cooperation, it is the combined efforts of a team to provide the best care possible (Nursing World, 2010). The mendelevium and nurse should be working together to achieve the best care for this Patient.The Nurse and Physician should discuss the Patients condition and wishes and the wishes of the family if the Patient is incapable of making decisions for himself (Nursing World, 2010). The nurse and Physician should put on certain the diligents brother knows or so the come through directive, so he will be able to make an informed decision to the highest degree his brothers care. Confidentiality is very important in the health check field. Confidentiality represents a relationship between Patient and care giver of trust and respect for his privacy (Nursing World, 2010).If a Patient is unsure of privacy then the communication will be adversely affected. The Nurse in this scenario should never discuss patients in the dining area, the waiting room, or anywhere else that privacy can not be guaranteed (Nursing World, 2010). Th e nurse should never discuss the patients condition with family members if they do not have medical power of attorney or been given permission by the medical power of attorney to do so (Nursing World, 2010). The nurse should not discuss patient with other stave members unless they are directly responsible for giving care and have a need to know (Nursing World, 2010).This Patient has signed an Advance Directive and has named his brother as Power of Attorney (Nursing World, 2010 ). This fact was never discussed with the brother before this Patient was entrust on the Ventilator. The patients brother was not the one who gave permission for the procedure to put patient on the ventilator(Nursing World, 2010). The brother needs to tconsider these facts before giving Dr. K permission to place the patient on the ventilator. The patient has a low oxygen level of 88%. He has a low grade temp of 101 degree F.His mental capacity may not be equal to(predicate) to make this decision without assi stance (Nursing World, 2010). The brother needs to consider the fact that the patient had the Advance Directive before he became ill, and consider his ability to make decisions at the time he signed the advance directive (Nursing World, 2010). There were several HIPAA violations noted in this scenario. The physician spoke to the niece about the condition of the patient without consent of the power of attorney or the patient (Sheahan, 2011).The nurse spoke to other staff who were not directly responsible for the care of this patient (Sheahan, 2011). The nurse also discussed patient information in a very public place where anyone could overhear the conversation (Sheahan, 2011). The nurse who was directly responsible for this patient did not advocate for this patients rights. The nurse had information that she never gave to anyone in a position to make decisions for this patient (Nursing World, 2010 ). The nurses employ derogatory language when speaking of this patient (Nursing World, 2010).The nurses had no consideration for the patients privacy or dignity in this scenerio. None of the nurses offered to help educate the nurse who admitted she knew nothing of HIPAA. The Nurse needs to protect the Patients privacy at all times. The nurse should Advocate for the Patients rights to refuse treatment or have his Power of Attorney make this decision for him (Nursing World, 2010). The nurse needs to insist the Physician or she herself speak with the brother again to crystallize that the niece could give permission to place Patient on Ventilator before the procedure is performed.The nurse should never have gone to lunch before she had obtained permission from the power of attorney to allow the procedure to be performed. The Nurse should also give her fellow employees in the cafateria a copy of the Nurse Practice acts of Oklahoma, the Nurses code of Ethics and HIPAA. She needs to be certain that all of the nurses involved including herself makes all three of these pap ers. The nurse should require that they not speak in a derogatory fashion of any patient, and make certain they understand that they are in violation of the nursing code of ethics and HIPAA (Nursing World, 2010).We have discussed the nursing regulation collaborating with other health professionals in the management of health care, its importance, and what the health care team should do in this situation (Nursing World, 2010 ). We have discussed confidentiality, and the professional Nurses role in maintaining confidentiality. We have discussed the ethical implications of putting this Patient on the ventilator. We have discussed things his Brother needs to know and consider before making this decision for the patient and things that could deputize with the Advance Directive. We found several HIPAA violationa.We have discussed the conduct of the nurses in this scenerio. We have discussed the things the professional nursw should do.

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Islam Worksheet Essay Example for Free

Islam Worksheet EssayWhen studying Islam, it is important to understand the essential elements of the faith, how they ar practiced, and the distinctions among the three branches Shiite Islam, Sunni Islam, and Sufism.Write a 1- to 2-paragraph rejoinder for each of the following directives and note where there are differences among the three branches of Islam.1. Explain the meaning of the name, Islam. Islam is the monotheistic religion subterfugeiculated by the Quran, a text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God, and by the teachings and normative example (called the Sunnah and composed of Hadith) of Muhammad, considered by them to be the last prophet of God. An adherent of Islam is called a Muslim.2. Explain the basic concepts of Islam. Is an unerringly monotheistic religion. It enjoins the existence of one God, his prophet Muhammad who is the Last Prophet in a long line of prophets sent throughout time and to every civilization, and the Quran as the int elligence activity of God revealed to Muhammad through the angel Jibrael. Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable and the purpose of life is to religion him and to adhere to his word, as laid down in the Quran, and in Sunnah , as closely as possible. They believe that Islam is the final, completed and universal version of a faith revealed too many prophets before just about notably Abraham, Moses and Jesus, but whose message has now been distorted. reveal the practices of Islam. They go to church in cathedral mosques (Jamia), in which sermons are preached and congregational prayers are offered up for the reigning Sultan every Friday. Besides these there are about one hundred and eighty Muslim oratories or chapels (Mesjd), to many of which schools are attached. Prayers are similarly frequently said at the grated windows of the little shrines or tomb-houses of celebrated welys, or saints, which are numerous in Damascus. Men of the higher classes rarely go to the mosques ex cept on Fridays, as they can command worthy places for ceremonial ablution and prayer in their own houses but to a Muslim of the lower ranks, a declamatory mosque which is open every day from sunrise to sunset or later, is like a second home.3. Describe the goals of Islam. The4. Describe the view of authority in Islam.philosophy, and the arts in the Muslim world. Write a 1- to 2-paragraph response for each of the following questions. Provide examples to illustrate your thinking.1. What is the legal ideal in Islamic law? How does the Quran say and guide Muslims in attaining this ideal?2. What is the relationship between philosophy and theology within Islam? Is it acceptable for Muslims to implement separate philosophical and theological beliefs?3. What artistic themes are regularly expressed in Islamic art and architecture? How are these themes explored? How has the Quran influenced the development of art in the Islamic world?

The Writings of Shakespeare and Donne Essay Example for Free

The Writings of Shakespe be and Donne EssayThe poems from William Shakespe ar and John Donne that interest me are Shall I compare thee to a summers day and The flea. One of the main reason that I am writing about these two poems are because they are the only ones that I know of because that is what we talked about in class and I hurt never read poetry in my life. Poetry has al routes been heavy for me to read because of my mild case of dyslexia. I have to read the sentence a couple of measure before I finally figure out what the writer is move to say.Obviously I have heard of Shakespeare before and knew about his works that included Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar. What I didnt know was how successful and influential his poetry was. But unlike William Shakespeare, I have never heard about John Donne until the let the cat out of the bag a few days ago. After reading the two poems I believe that there are umteen similarities and differences in the style that both of these poets write. In Shall I compare thee to a summers day by William Shakespeare I certainly feel that the author is addressing a charwoman with whom he is truly in love.This is purveyed to me by the two strong opening lines, Shall I compare thee to a summers day? gravitational constant art more lovely and more temperate. Shakespeare starts the sonnet off with how strongly he loves this woman and then goes on to say Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summers consider hath all to short a date Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines Shakespeare is aphorism that even though he loves her, she is still not perfect.Afterwards he goes on to say, But thy pure(a) summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou owst which he is saying that her youth go out not fade and that her beauty leave always remain with her for the rest of her life. It ends with So long as men jackpot breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. He is trying to say that as long as people are alive on the Earth, his feelings towards this woman will never change and will allow her to live forever. A poem we have studied and which in any case focuses on a similar situation to that of Shall I compare thee to a summers day is The flea by John Donne.In it he goes on to say that the flea has sucked both of their bloods and how they are now mingled together. He says, This flea is you and I, and this Our marriage bed and marriage temple is The man in the story believes that he and the woman are one with the flea and if she decides to kill the flea she would be killing the marriage among them. The poem ends with, Tis true then postulate how false fears be Just so untold honor, when thou yieldst to me, Will waste, as this fleas death took life from thee.This means that if she were to sleep with him, she would lose no more honor than she lost when she killed the flea. The similarities between The flea and Shall I compare thee to a summers day are not quite as numerous as the differences. One of the main similarities is that both of the main characters are in love with a woman, even their love seems to be the opposite of each other. There are many differences in the way that Shakespeare and Donne write. Shakespeare is more in your face I guess you would say. He doesnt use as much trickery as Donne does in his sonnet and is a lot easier to understand in my opinion.The tone in Shall I compare thee to a summers day seems to be more upbeat than in The flea. How Donne uses a flea and blood in his sonnet makes it seem more ominous. As you can see, they are many similarities and differences in the way that William Shakespeare and John Donne write in Shall I compare thee to a summers day and The Flea. Both of these poets had a long lasting impact upon Western Civilization and helped influence the side of meat language all around the world. If someday I become hooked to reading poetry, I can look back and k now these two poems are what got me addicted.