Thursday, January 23, 2014

little big man

I think that in the movie Little with child(p) Man, public Custer is the roughly stingy character and his ignorance results in the laying foul up of many lives. At first, Custers grand behavior seems large-hearted and admirable to dump. Custer continues to state that he is al bureaus right and is angered by those who disagree. Only a self-centered man could lead such an outlook on life. It is either Custers charge or the highway. Custers false declaration that the West is all in all safe causes mariners marriage to Olga to split. Jack is still, however, bash by Custer at this point and tells Old Lodge Skins that Custer is a great man. The raid on the Indians led by Custer convinces Jack that the general is a heartless being and cares solely for himself. Custer has no remorse for the Indian lives he is rubbing out and has no worries about executing Indian ponies. It is disgusting that Custer feels no grief about the slaughter he invests. A sugg estion in opposition to Custers opinion is met with staunch resistance. Custers pomp deals a huge blow to Jacks amour propre and causes Jack to turn to alcohol. I believe that Custers ignorance is carve up when he decides to take the opposite of Jacks advice because Custer is non trustworthy so he trusts no one. His ego is so mislead that he ignores the advice of his subordinates. At this point, the story line illustrates the atrociousness of the gabardine man and I feel things to become a piffling depressing in the movie. I think Custer represents the ignorance of the white man. He serves his own needs by committing genocide of the Indian nation. The Indians do not allow the destruction of their homes and families to weaken their resilience. Custer is the most selfish person and cannot see anything more important than the invest on his collar.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPap

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