Monday, April 22, 2019

Principles Of Marketing Management Chocolate in the UK Essay

Principles Of Marketing Management Chocolate in the UK - Essay manikinThorntons website is a strong source of sales and allows customers to pick and chose chocolates. Thorntors also promotes its new products readily. Unique season found product packages such as wedding favours are also highly demanded. The company provides chocolates of miscellaneous ranges including Belgian, Winter, Viennese,etc. Chocolates of various types such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, etc., are also available for customersThis research authorship seeks to analyze the current market standing of the company via a comprehensive swot analysis. The findings of this analysis shall be pulmonary tuberculosisd to frame the marketing and positioning strategies of the company. Thorntors chocolate has been in the UK market for everywhere 100 old age and possesses a turnover of 210 million pounds in the year 2008. Along with general retail outlets, Thorntons also sells its products done the in ternet, mail order and by using other commercial services. Analyzing Thontorns in depth-Thorntors poses a contend test to any marketer. The company boasts of its legacy, however, it faces increasing competition from newer entrants that threaten to torment its reign as a top chocolate company.A swot analysis of the company shall tending understand aspects that it can desire on and things it needs to work on to cement its position as the top chocolate company.... 6) bonus brand positioning. Weaknesses 1)Retail Outlets failure to meet targets. 2)No customized products at retail stores. 3)History of problems with hand finished chocolates. 4)Weak performance by make Stores channel. Opportunities 1)Export market potential. 2)Product Innovation to counter economic downturn. 3)Discovery of new ranges such as biscuit desserts can help enhance brand equity. Threats 1)Fluctuating raw material and dairy prices. 2)Rising inflation and affordability issues. 3)Economic downturn and customers changing preferences. 4)Failure to address retail sales issue before competitors can gain advantage. Target Market and desire new opportunities- Thorntons is a premium brand of chocolate that has established considerable brand equity over the 99 years of its existence. While the company welcomes and appreciates every walk in customer, there are particular people it targets with each of its innovative products. Kingston Upon Hull is the market that Thorntons seeks to capure this Christmas. The city is located in the eastward Riding of Yorkshire and has a population of most a quarter of a million people. Hull is family to around 97% local residents while a small minority group of within universal gravitational constant people reside in the entire city. The city boasts a high percentage of people who use personal transport over public transport and the economic conditions of the people are relatively good. thither is however, a 6.2% unemployment rate which acts as a threat to po tential market. Hull is also home to several(prenominal) types of restaurants, including Chinese, English, French, Italian etc (Hull and East Reading, 2011).The city acts as a busy port and economy is built around trading and seafaring. Considering the companys premium positioning, it will

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