Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Elusive American Dream Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Elusive American Dream - Essay ExampleAlthough analysts deemed this play as irrelevant in the attainment of racial equality since it was released before the Civil Rights Movement, A Raisin in the sunlight is a magnificent criticism of Americas social relations.Hansberry gives the audience a realistic picture of the Youngers p all overty. The Youngers apartment is dirty due to relentless cleaning efforts over the years. The Youngers have to spray the apartment weekly in order to keep roaches away. The constant dusting and vacuuming have worn out the furniture and carpet. Hansberry writes that weariness has, in fact, won in this room. Mama and commiseration are frustrated with the smallness of the apartment and the overcrowding. They want to use the insurance policy money to secure a new home, which has been the familys dream for many years (Hansberry, 36). Due to overcrowding, two families have to appropriate a small hind end. Hansberry ensures that the audience does not for get these family problems by showing Travis, Walter and Beneatha eagerly waiting for the bathroom to be free while holding conversations.The pressures and defeats of life take the toll on Ruth. Her face is just of disappointments and frustrations. She states time freedom used to be life-now its money. Ruth must keep the family together as intumesce as work as a domestic servant to foot the bills and provide family necessities. She performs household chores such as preparing breakfast for her son and husband. Her frustrations alienate her from the world events and pipe dreams. She rejects Walters liquor store enthronization plan out-of-hand (Hansberry 44). Ruth shows her frustrations by exploding and telling her husband Eat your eggs. Ruth responds by telling Walter her frustration about his lack of new ideas. She says you say nothing new.Ruth epitomizes the American work situation and ethics. She seems low-key by the redundancy and lack of progression of life.

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